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MERC Group B

Page history last edited by lauren gabriele 9 years, 3 months ago

Group Members: 

  • Yaser
  • Amro
  • Yousef


Brainstorm 7-18-11

 What are the benefits of MERC? What is being presented & offered?
What services should be provided?


Education Resources

Virtual class,  Incubation for projects/ parallel projects,Virtual panels· , Pilot projects with individual staff members (prototyping),  Website links/resources, Checking students’ performances (assessment tools)·   Educational video documentary about subjects (instructional videos)

Hardware, infrastructure, software, Software development (developing & making part of open source)

Keeps me in touch with my students outside class life

Development Sandbox

Enhance innovations in the classroom (synchronicity or a synchronicity), Displaying the content of a course in a simple way, How can I use the design research cycle to improve curriculum?

Curriculum development & updating

Faculty Services

Fulfilling faculty needs, What are the faculty needs? Peer communications, Access to e-resources , Advanced training course , Keeps me up to date with university’s activities related to teaching and learning, In-service professional development, Orientation for new faculty,


Communication Network

Private/public partnerships,Link between private sector and university  ,Inter-university exchange·  ,   Arrange trips to other universities (study tours) ,Communication with other centers from other universities



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