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Group: PTUK2

Page history last edited by reham_salhab@hotmail.com 9 years, 4 months ago

Team Members:

Member # 1: Nader Dureidi

Member # 2: Reham Salhab

Member # 3: Ala'a saaed

Member # 4: Mazen Rabayah

Member # 5 : Nidal Al Qasim

Member # 6; Amjad khalili


Title of Unit:

Electrical Energy


Description of Electrical Energy:

This unit focuses on the importance and uses of the electrical energy. Imagine that you wakeup amid night and there is no electricity? what you will do? This unit aims to show the main concepts of the electrical energy that sudents and learners can benefit. It focuses on the components of the electrical circuit, the classification of the materials; (the conductors, semi conductors and the insulators). Moreover, it shows the differences between the open and closed circuit. The technology tools that will be used to assist students and learners are the inspiration, Wiki, voice thread and web quest.


Understanding by design unit plan for Electrical Energy:




 Voice thread link :



Web Quest Link:



Students survey:





 The link of our pbworks:



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