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Group: PTUK1

Page history last edited by Dr. Salaheddin Juneidi 9 years, 4 months ago

Welcome to Group PUTK1


Team Members:

  • Husam Qasrawi

  • Salaheddin Juneidi

  • Hasan qualalwe

  • Anas Abu Hassan

  • Ahmad Nassar

  • Osama Hamed





Title of Unit:

      Data representation in computer



Description of Title of Unit



1.Students will develop an understanding of  the attributes of design (8) .

2.Students will develop abilities to use and maintain technological Products (12) .

3.Students will develop an understanding of and be able to select and use information and communication technologies . (17)

Students will understand that....

  • there are different kinds of numbering systems ( binary, decimal, octal...etc)
  • each number system can be transformed from one format to another
  • there are standards to represent all characters in binary system.
  • they can do basic calculations in binary numbering systems
  • there are different kinds of data formats ( sounds , Texts, video...etc) all transformed into binary


 This unit will be answering the following Essential Questions

  • How do computer understands human language
  • How computers do calculation.
  • Explain how computers understand  voices.
  • How computer manipulates data.
  • How are the human brain and computer similar .


Description By Design Unit Plan For Title of Unit:




Data Representation.ppt



Webquest link







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