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WebQuest Activities and Resources

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WebQuest 1 Link:   Recycling: Saving Money vs. Saving the Environment



      • This WebQuest is intended to provide students with multiple sources of information regarding the usefulness of recycling. Students will be able to discuss the costs and benefits of recycling, as well as create their own worldwide recycling plan. They will also create a list of 5 tips that every person can follow to help the global crisis.


          This WebQuest addresses several ITEEA Standards for Technological Literacy by helping students to: 

      • develop an understanding of the effects of technology on the environment (Standard 5)
      • develop abilities to assess the impact of products and systems (Standard 13)
      • develop an understanding of and be able to select and use information and communication technologies (Standard 17)


The Planning Phase (before you begin completing your WebQuest Template in QuestGarden):


WebQuest Preparation Template:


  • Download this file to begin your "rough" version of your WebQuest
  • Save File As: WebQuest_Template-your name(s)-subject of WebQuest-today's date 
    • Example:  WebQuest_Template-Husam,Lou,Lauren-New_Green_for_Nablus-10-7-11



     Rough New Green For Nablus Template Created By Judith:



    Standards For Technological Literacy (STL) Document:



     WebQuest Template- "New Green For Nablus"- Works in Progress by Participants:

               Group 1- Alia, Alaa, Yaser, Yousef:



               Group 2- Ali Zuhdi, Amro, Ayoub, Husam:



               Group 3- Arafat, Nidal, Qadri, Shadi:



               Group 4- Abd Al Hameed, Anas, Mahmoud, Majdi:

                    webquest_template- group 4-71011.docx


               Group 5- Amjad, Osama, Reham, Salaheddin:



               Group 6- Ahmad, Nader, Nitham:


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