WebQuest Activities and Resources

WebQuest 1 Link:   Recycling: Saving Money vs. Saving the Environment




          This WebQuest addresses several ITEEA Standards for Technological Literacy by helping students to: 


The Planning Phase (before you begin completing your WebQuest Template in QuestGarden):


WebQuest Preparation Template:




     Rough New Green For Nablus Template Created By Judith:



    Standards For Technological Literacy (STL) Document:



     WebQuest Template- "New Green For Nablus"- Works in Progress by Participants:

               Group 1- Alia, Alaa, Yaser, Yousef:



               Group 2- Ali Zuhdi, Amro, Ayoub, Husam:



               Group 3- Arafat, Nidal, Qadri, Shadi:



               Group 4- Abd Al Hameed, Anas, Mahmoud, Majdi:

                    webquest_template- group 4-71011.docx


               Group 5- Amjad, Osama, Reham, Salaheddin:



               Group 6- Ahmad, Nader, Nitham: